Sunday, May 23, 2004

But Achilles was gay ...

Well I went to see the big new epic Troy at ye olde multiplex in Savoy. They really messed with Homer's version, not that I expected them to stay true to it. They took a simple Trojan captive female role and turned her into Brad Pitt's love interest, thus erasing the overtly homoerotic relationship that he had with Patroclus, who is reformulated as a kid cousin. This same Trojan woman is also the one to deliver Agamemnon to the river Styx instead of his wife Clytemnestra. This effectively erases the interestingly doomed sight-seer Cassandra who can see the future -- but no one believes/listens to her. Gee, how many women have this feeling at work? In Troy she is completely erased. The New York Times Sunday edition implied that people in the classics might actually have a job in creating Hollywood Cliff note epics. I guess the way to get your project to the big screen is to eliminate all traces of gay men and strong female characters (where is Priam's wife? a role that Katherine Hepburn rocked in) and to bimbofy the remaining female roles. Well at least Diane Kruger and Saffron Barrows were hot.
I think Brad Pitt might have been on steroids for his role. Another attempt at overcompensation for the queerness of Achilles?
I thank fellow blogger Shannon for helping me look for the disappeared queers -- you should hear her rant about Shakespeare in Love.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess Cassandra getting erased is actually oddly accurate, no?

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