Sunday, May 23, 2004

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Hi Sasha. I found you through Shannon, and think you're quite hilarious. I cannot believe you're doing a dissertation on volleyball. Volleyball plagued me during my teenage years. Two muy embarrassing volleyball related moments in high school still haunt me--in one I broke (exploded) a volleyball during a game in gym class, and in another the entire school watched me get hit on the head by an errant volleyball during a pep rally (I was sitting innocently in the stands at the time). Yeesh.

What did you expect from Troy? Of course they were going to erase all traces of gay men and strong women--it's a Brad Pitt vehicle, after all. Can't you just imagine the script notes and meetings? "We really like this Oracle character, but can we lose the blindness? Not sexy at all. I'm thinking Jennifer Garner or that girl who played Willow on Buffy."

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