Sunday, July 11, 2004


My friend Shannon is experimenting with her dominatrix persona by holding my hands to the keyboard.
"I have endorsed you to all of my blogfriends and you've only written two things! Write something right now!" Click click click and here's my blank page. I admit I have been a terrible slacker and do not deserve any loyal fans -- this venture is as shaky as a 1972 hippie commune. But I have been busy on other internet spaces, busy wooing women on-line and researching the BALCO drug scandal. I wish I could get on a train (my new favorite mode of travel) and head for Mass right now but I am stuck here teaching weightlifting, volleyball and bowling. The bowling gig is more of an acting job -- the key is to never actually bowl but to comment on the biomechanics of accelerating steps and pendulum back swings and also to bitch about the inadequacy of house balls for performing hooks and the poor maintenance of the lanes. It seems to pass muster as actually having bowling knowledge. I also throw in some interesting factoids about the history of bowling -- Martin Luther was way into it and did it in church, he thought of the pins as sins. The Egyptians had a version of the game and the Puritans were convinced it was a gateway to hell. Let's see what else have I been up to ... I have also been studying up on tarot cards with the possibility of embarking on the commercial venture of setting up a table at the Farmers' Market. I didn't get a paycheck last month so I'm strapped for cash and reluctant to pawn my musical instruments or haul books down to the used bookstore. Besides, I think I'm owed a few hundred from the great pot of occult cash in the sky due to some rather overenthusiastic contributions to an oracle down in New Orleans. Let's just say I have a very expensive candle in my possession. OK Shannon? Enough for now ...


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I expect to see more where that came from.

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