Wednesday, July 14, 2004

butch enough for the butch-femme pagans?

I am going back into the occult but this time on the cheap -- no more hired professionals. I am waiting to hear back from the butch-femme pagans to see if they will allow me into their on-line user group. They have queried me on my butchness -- there was no lesbian option, you gotta identify transgender but you don't necessarily need to be medically enhanced. I have offered my skills as an amateur tarot card reader astrological dabbler but they may only be interested in someone with wiccan skills. So I've got my fingers crossed. I am also waiting to see if doing tarot card readings qualifies as a "homegrown Illinois product" so that I might open up a table at the farmers' market. Since all of my tarot skills came from California I'm concerned that I might not pass muster. I'd be willing to do readings for free just to get my feet wet. It's still hard to conceive of having a talent that is fun to perform and get money for it. Have I forgotten what a fine entrepreneur that I once was as a grade schooler? There was the time that my second grade buddy David Nelson and I stayed out late going door-to-door selling rocks. Not polished stones mind you, but just your basic rocks that you could find in our neighborhood park. My dad had to go out looking for us since it was already dark, and he was pissed off when he found us ... until we showed him the profit: $20 clear and free with no initial investment. Money does not only come from the accounts of large corporate entities with deductions. Whatever happened to David Nelson? He was my last boy best friend. It all got gender fucked up in sixth grade and we had to go to our respective camps -- he was on his way to being a successful heterosexual and I was just starting to get unrequited crushes on girls and learning that dance parties had two edges. Fun during the fast dances and excruciating during the slow dances.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure with your skills, you'll be making a fortune in no time!

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