Friday, July 16, 2004

Maid Marion

     Yesterday I watched Marion Jones qualify for the long jump by jumping over 23 feet -- I took out a tape measure and it was even more impressive when you think about her doing that in relation to one's living space.  All of the white sportswriters have been trying to keep this champion down -- she is being hounded by rumors of drug use without ever having failed a drug test.  Her reputation has been ruined and her marketability severely compromised, but you know what? She is one tough lady and I admire her for that even more than her ability to fire her fast-twitch muscle fibers.  The BALCO drug scandal as it has been unfolding the past year is the height of hypocrisy.  In a drugged out culture where there's a pill for every ailment (just pay attention to the ads during a primetime news broadcast) and winning is the essence of the capitalist spirit, what's behind the witchhunt of primarily African-American Olympians?  You don't hear much about the MLB or NFL because these are sports that are protected by powerful white dudes.  Viagra is a performance-enhancing drug.  Ritalin is a performance-enhancing drug.  I'm being enhanced right now by a soy latte.  It sure helps me type like a motherfucker.
     Meanwhile, my lazy summer continues to take me to other areas of our megalibrary in the cornfield.  I went to the fiction area and checked out novels about Mormons, vampires, and Romans.  I also went into the rare book collection and took notes from a rare tarot book that included info on Hebrew and runes.  I'll be ready to open up the tarot stand any day now ...


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